Welcome to Omnomelettes, the egg-operated cook-to-order omelette restaurant. Our staff give their all to ensure you have a quality breakfast.

How to play
You're the chef, but you need your egg helpers to prepare your ingredients.

  • Assign new egg helpers to one of the four work stations.
  • Then, assign eggs to prep one of the ingredients (peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bacon, or cheese).
  • To prep eggs, click and hold another egg until the meter fills up.
    Select a pan and add ingredients to fill orders.
  • When an order is complete, select the pan and click "Serve" on the order.

Make sure you fill the order properly: missing or extra ingredients could lose you points!


Post-Compo Bug Fixes

  • 2018-12-04: Fixed a bug in animations.

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