Click "Watering Can" and "Plant Food" to apply water or plant food to the plant.

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AuthorDylan Wolf
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 46


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This is a re-post of my comment on your LD entry page:

Very cool plant simulation!  At first I had the slider bar to the far right to speed things up and it didn't seem to be any faster.  Then I put it on the far left and it started growing like kudzu. 😀

I like how if you don't feed/water your plant it starts to die.... then if you water/feed it again then it starts growing again.  It also seems like the branches grow in a different direction each time.  I would be interested in hearing about what algorithm you used to determine the branch angles.

Thanks. I haven't actually rated any games yet, so I hadn't seen it yet.

It's basically a tamagotchi or idle game. Water keeps the plant alive, while food allows it to grow (as long as it's watered).

I'll probably do a blog post at some point. Basically, branches can sprout from the end or or middle of a stem; there's a random range of angles in either case. Each branch is parented on the point it sprouted from, so its branch angles are reoriented to that value.